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Lines N Arcs is an Architectural and Interior design firm with 17 years’ experience at an international level. We specialize in contemporary and geometric designs- and we stay on an economical budget while doing so.
Our work has been featured in various Indian and international magazines. Our experience ranges from residential villas, flats, corporate offices, institutional buildings, hospitals to hotels and restaurants in and around Hyderabad.
Our firm’s first priority is you, the customer. We are committed to providing for you the best designs at the best deals.

The Architectural and Interior designer consultation and management skills have been developed by this Practice in the following fields:
We are a professionally organized firm engaged in providing solutions in all aspects of Architecture & Interior Design. Till present we have serviced dozens of clients. We compromise of a team of Architects and Interior Designers.
I sincerely believe that you should definitely keep my firm in your list. Moreover I would greatly appreciate discussion regarding all your Architectural and Interior Designing requirements.

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It is our policy once having accepted a commission for a project, regardless of it size or complexity we will prepare a Design Plan for the project and the work will be undertaken with the same level of Professional commitment for all Projects. It is our intention that our clients are made aware of this commitment and it is our intention to develop a widely understood reputation for the quality of our service and the Architecture we produce. As a consequence we have developed this website and CD Presentations to bring the practice online and into the 21st century and to become one of the leading providers of web based Architectural services in NSW. We trust that our Clients, Customers, and Consultants will give us an opportunity to provide problem free Professional service.